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Thoughts on Juneteenth

By Sheila Johnson Many years ago, I was asked to give a speech to a group scheduled to meet in Richmond at some point in the middle of June.  They were meeting in the Virginia state capitol to celebrate what one of them explained to me on the phone was called Juneteenth.  Scout’s honor, back… Continue reading Thoughts on Juneteenth

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Woman of the Year: A Tribute to Stacy Abrams

By: Sheila C. Johnson This past year, as you likely know, Time magazine picked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as its Persons of the Year.  I don’t say this from a political perspective whatsoever, but if not for the efforts of one remarkable, dynamic and utterly tireless worker, it’s entirely possible that both President Biden… Continue reading Woman of the Year: A Tribute to Stacy Abrams

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Thoughts on a Warrior

By Sheila Johnson John Lewis was not necessarily a friend, or even a colleague, but he was someone with whom I shared more than a few moments of camaraderie over the years. He and I often traveled, for example, in the same Washington, DC circles, so it was not unusual for our paths to cross… Continue reading Thoughts on a Warrior

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The Healing Power of Words

By Sheila Johnson Like so many of you, I’m sure, these days I often find myself at a loss.  Sometimes I feel like I want to cry.  Other times I want to just punch something.  It’s almost as though my heart now has a constant toothache that I can neither fix nor shake. And because… Continue reading The Healing Power of Words