My Abraham Lincoln Pie: A Perfect Recipe for Troubled Times

By Sheila Johnson

On this, the morning after the horrific (yet by now, sadly, almost predictable) shootings in Dayton and El Paso, I offer up this recipe for a delicious, home-made pie, a big slice of which I can’t help but feel this country has been needing for some time.   

(And please note, I’ve chosen to name my pie after the kind of eloquent and morally resolute individual the vast majority of Americans now say we want in our Oval Office, not only leading and healing us, but uniting us as a country.)

Pie Filling

Makes for a rich, complex and, ultimately, delicious pie filling.

Filling Ingredients

(Three cups, cleaned and set aside)

  • Apples of all shapes, sizes and types

(One cup each, gently blended into a large mixing bowl)

  • Moral Courage
  • Honesty
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Truth
  • Humility
  • Strength

Also, keep on hand a few dashes of honest mistakes, along with a pinch or two of the courage and self-confidence to admit them

Use mature, well-seasoned apples only, and include as many colors, types and origins as possible.  (Note: Avoid using tough, bitter varieties. Too many such apples will make pie too acidic to enjoy.) 

Peel apples thoroughly, as sweetness and flavor are stored just beneath the skin.

Next, drain apples of hate and any and all traces of willful ignorance. Then, lay out cut, peeled, and fully drained slices on a towel of understanding, before wrapping them gently, and together, under a single sheet of wisdom.

Let the apples sit for as long as necessary to drain; monitor closely and add sprinkles of humanity when needed, to keep mixture balanced.

(And note, too: If not drained properly, ignorance and hate will cause apple mixture to grow runny, causing it to seep into crust and preventing it from holding together)

Pie Crust

A light shell, and one rich in flavor; yet a crust as strong, firm and delectable on the outside as it in on the inside.

Crust Ingredients

(One-half cup each in a separate mixing bowl)

  • Dissenting Opinions
  • Non-violent protest
  • Speaking truth to power
  • Honest debate
  • Open mindedness


Slowly add the above to the bowl, after which add one full cup of cold, hard and honest self reflection, along with the willingness to learn, grow and be proven wrong.

Let the pie filling cool in the refrigerator for as long as need be. This will allow the apples’ blend of juices to emerge and mix, and for the mixture to gel. This will create a rich, powerful and complex blend of flavor, if not unique All-American goodness.

After the filling has fully blended, place the pie in oven and bake under a high heat until the crust is the right mix of golden brown and flaky white. When baked just so, and under just the right amount of heat, the crust will also exhibit yellow and red hues, with a unique, dark caramelization throughout.

Serve warm and serve often, preferably with a tall, cool glass of human kindness.

(One final note: My Lincoln Pie was not designed to be eaten alone. To the contrary. It is, in fact, best enjoyed when shared with a variety of family members, friends and, often, complete strangers from across the political spectrum. The more, the merrier.)


As always…Eat and live well, my friends!